Originally constructed in 1913, the Roundhouse is a former Canadian Pacific Railway structure, imbued with the kind of Old World charm found only in a city with a rich cultural history. The imposing brick building earned heritage designation by the City of Victoria as one of Canada’s last remaining roundhouses and is now a national landmark. The Roundhouse remains a link to the golden age of Candian steam rail, and its rebirth as a vibrant retail centre provides Bayview residents with a strong connection to that past—as well as Victoria’s future.

With 40,000 square feet of retail shops planned, the Roundhouse will become Victoria’s newest epicentre of shopping, entertainment, dining, community, and culture. One of Victoria’s most cherished historical sites and an important icon of the city’s industrial past, today the Roundhouse is an elegant, convenient, and bustling place to shop, eat, and mingle. And when you’re done, the privacy of your home at Bayview is just minutes away.

In addition to providing Bayview residents with an exclusive and convenient location for elegant dining and five-star shopping, the Roundhouse will be the home to an exciting new mixed-use community. A gathering place for the Songhees Peninsula inhabitants, the Roundhouse will be an epicentre of a vibrant social world, complemented by entertainment and cultural activities embraced by Victoria’s residents and visitors alike.

It’s a place to mix, mingle, and share ideas or a fine bottle of wine. With all the heritage that’s built in to the Roundhouse, it’s the perfect place to talk about the past, enjoy the present, and build a bright new future.

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